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Kids at school


The Turning Point Academy team has a wealth of academic, business, and ministry experience and a passion for seeing Western Civilization thrive, young people flourish, and God exalted by all.

Our Values

  • There is a God, and He is not man or manmade. God is the creator of the universe and reigns supreme.

  • The teaching of God’s truth and virtue is the beginning of wisdom and is the best defense against destructive ideologies.

  • There are two sexes - male and female, and two genders - man and woman

  • Marriage is between one man and one woman.

  • All life is sacred, beginning at conception.

  • All people are created equal and in the image of God.

  • The epicenter of a child’s formation is the family.  The church, schools, and community exist to serve God and the family.

  • The founding ideals of the United States - freedom, equality, liberty, opportunity, and democracy are essential to teach, model, and preserve.

  • Working together advocating for virtuous education is critical for a flourishing society.

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