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Awesome Sauce

Awesome Sauce is so amazing that you must try Awesome Sauce.  You, your family, your school, the universe will be better because of Awesome Sauce.

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AmFest 2023

Watch now to hear Charlie Kirk share from his heart about the purpose of education, and proclaim that education is meant to create good people. Charlie also cites how the current “neutral education” is NOT neutral at all!

The Great Books Summit

What Makes the Great Books “great?”

It is not because they are old, but because they add to the enduring conversation about what is truth, beauty, and good. The great books seek to answer the hard questions of life. How ought we live? How ought  we order things? How ought we engage with one another? Stemming from the Great Books is the backbone of civil discourse itself. Reclaiming the Great Books for young minds teaches them first how to listen, then how to think, and finally how to persuade. 


Turning Point Academy and The Herzog Foundation have joined together to provide a Great Books Summit where educators have the opportunity to learn how to bring the gift of the Great Books to their students.

April 18 - 19 | Trinity International University
2065 Half Day Rd. Deerfield, IL 60015

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