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Seeding Schools

Turning Point Academy is committed to advancing all types of Judeo-Christian,

conservative values education with special emphasis on seeding 5C schools -

Christian, Classical, Conservative, Collaborative, and Cost-affordable.

What are 5C




Preserving the founding ideals of our nation and the Western Tradition including our Judeo-Christian heritage and the values of life, liberty, freedom, equality, and justice for all.


Education where all areas of study are rooted in God's truth aimed at forming children into adults who glorify God and enjoy Him forever.


An educational model aligned with the biblical directive for parents, emphasizing the church's supportive role in delivering outstanding education, mirroring the principles observed at the inception of our nation.


Virtuous education for human flourishing with teaching consistent with how the greatest thinkers in human history were educated.  


The collaborative schooling model gives parents and students everything they need (and nothing they don't) for a price that everyone can afford.

Teen Prayer Group


We are hosting two different virtual events designed to inspire the church and its leaders to see education as missional and show you how Turning Point Academy can help provide robust, God-centered education to your local mission field. 

For Those Who Feel Called to Start a School

Attend our two-hour virtual event - From Vision to Virtuous Education: Starting a 5C School with Turning Point Academy, where you can experience a “day in the life” of a Turning Point Academy 5C (Christian, Classical, Conservative, Collaborative, and Cost-affordable) School student, as well as hear from the head of school, learn the benefits of this educational philosophy and model, and gain perspectives from the partnering church, parents, and teachers. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Especially for Pastors

Are you a Pastor who yearns to see your church be used to provide virtuous education for the families in your area? Attend our one-hour virtual event designed just for you -  Education is Missional: Transforming Your Community with God-centered Education. During this event you will learn about our 5C School model, its benefits for your families, its blessings for your church, and how we can help.

Upcoming for School Planters  Vision to Virtuous Education Virtual Event Days and Times:

Wednesday, June 5th from 9am - 11am (CST)

Thursday. July 11th from 10m - 12pm (CST)

Thursday, August 1st from 3pm - 5pm (CST)

Upcoming for Pastors Education Is Missional Virtual Event Days and Times:


Start a School

Turning Point Academy is actively seeking passionate and mission-driven education entrepreneurs who share our unwavering commitment to advancing virtuous education across the United States through the adoption of our transformative 5C model.  So, what exactly is a 5C School? It is an educational institution founded on Christian values, steeped in Classical traditions, rooted in Conservative principles, located in a mission-minded Church, and accessible at an affordable cost.  To learn more, we invite you to join us for one of our enlightening Vision to Virtuous Education Virtual Events. During these events, we explore our unique approach and how, together, we can shape the future of education in America.  We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with a select group of dedicated individuals who are eager to turn a unique educational vision into a reality. Together, we'll work toward the goal of launching your school - making a lasting impact on the landscape of education in our nation. 


We are looking for people who:

Share our TPAA values

Feel called to start a k-12 school and make a positive impact on the next generation

Believe in the power of the 5C model

Have secured/actively seeking to secure a church home for the school


We will provide:

Regular training to systematically take your team from vision to reality

Guidance and consultation to address your unique needs

Sample administrative materials (e.g. handbooks, applications, communication, presentations) that you can use wholesale or as a guide as you develop your own

Curriculum List/Booklist

Syllabi and Assignment Schedules

Extra Teaching Materials


If you are interested in joining our next cohort, please email our Academic Director, Jennifer Burns, at


Restoring Wisdom and Virtue

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

— GK Chesterton

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