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The New


Turning Point Academy is not a school,
                                                                                it is a movement.  


Turning Point Academy, a division of                   is dedicated to RECLAIMING the education of our children, REVIVING virtuous education focused on truth, goodness, and beauty, and RESTORING God as the foundation of education.

Pastors Summit 2023

Turning Point Faith featuring Turning Point Academy

"We have a CRISIS in Education right now!" Watch now to hear what our Chief Education Officer, Hutz Hertzberg, shares about why it is so important to provide alternative, virtuous, God-centered education for your children. Hutz also goes on to talk about how YOUR church can be a key component in the education movement. 

Join the movement by attending one of our virtual events below. 

Joining the MOVEMENT
begins with EDUCATION

Register for one or more of our virtual events to learn more about how we can work together to RECLAIM, REVIVE, and RESTORE virtuous education.

Join the Movement

Join the Movement is an introduction to Turning Point Academy. This 45-minute virtual event is designed for anyone who is interested in education and curious about what Turning Point is doing to make a positive impact.  During this virtual event you will meet our team and we will provide you with information on our four main initiatives and explain how you can make a difference in your area.

From Vision to Virtuous

Attend our two-hour virtual event - From Vision to Virtuous Education: Starting a 5C School with Turning Point Academy, where you can experience a “day in the life” of a Turning Point Academy 5C School student, as well as hear from the head of school, learn the benefits of this educational philosophy and model, and gain perspectives from the partnering church, parents, and teachers. 

Education is Missional

Are you a Pastor who yearns to see your church be used to provide virtuous education for the families in your area? Attend our one-hour virtual event designed just for you -  Education is Missional: Transforming Your Community with God-centered Education. This event will address the most critical topics Pastors must consider when beginning a robust, God-centered, academic ministry.

Our Values

  • There is a God, and He is not man or manmade. God is the creator of the universe and reigns supreme.

  • The teaching of God’s truth and virtue is the beginning of wisdom and is the best defense against destructive ideologies.

  • There are two sexes - male and female, and two genders - man and woman

  • Marriage is between one man and one woman.

  • All life is sacred, beginning at conception.

  • All people are created equal and in the image of God.

  • The epicenter of a child’s formation is the family.  The church, schools, and community exist to serve God and the family.

  • The founding ideals of the United States - freedom, equality, liberty, opportunity, and democracy are essential to teach, model, and preserve.

  • Working together advocating for virtuous education is critical for a flourishing society.

Our Priority Initiatives







Advancing all types of faith-based conservative-values education with special emphasis on seeding 5C schools - Christian, Classical, Conservative, Church-based,
and Cost-affordable.


Equipping and encouraging pedagogical and administrative excellence through conferences, workshops, and online training of educators.


Curating and creating curriculum and resources that facilitate teaching and learning excellence advancing the
educational enterprise.


Building community, promoting collaboration, facilitating connections and cooperation around shared values and commitments by affiliated schools and individuals.


Restoring Wisdom and Virtue

“Education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, and it is accomplished by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty.”

— Leigh A. Bortins

There's a PROBLEM.  Be part of the SOLUTION.


of 8th graders fall below basic proficiency levels in reading*


of 8th graders fall below basic math competency levels*


of students report to have been taught CRT or gender-related concepts in school**

* According to NAEP Nation's Report Card 2022

**Study by the Manhattan Institute 2022

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